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Назва: Acquiring Business English in a Quasi-Natural Business Environment: A Method of Teaching Business English to Students of Business and Economics.
Автори: Тарнопольський, Олег Борисович
Дата публікації: 2003
Короткий огляд (реферат): This article discusses a method of organizing Business English studies for students who learn it as a foreign language at schools of business and universities outside English-speaking countries. These students typically lack both previous practical experience in business and opportunities to watch business being done in English or to participate themselves in real-life business communication in English. That puts additional obstacles in the way of language acquisition. The suggested method is based on creating a quasi-natural business environment in the classroom where students acquire Business English through continuous simulation. A pilot study indicates that this approach may improve on existing methods. Four appendixes present the following: examples of tasks used in the course of Business English for organizing continuous simulation in the classroom; examples of project tasks used in the course; samples of materials for listening and reading tasks; and a questionnaire for students' evaluation of the coursebook and methods used.
URI (Уніфікований ідентифікатор ресурсу): http://ir.duan.edu.ua/handle/123456789/1245
Розташовується у зібраннях:Кафедра прикладної лінгвістики та методики навчання іноземних мов

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