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dc.contributor.authorМомот, В.Є.-
dc.contributor.authorЛитвиненко, О.М.-
dc.contributor.authorІльєнко, О.А.-
dc.description.abstractThe article discusses the problems of commercial banks related to the deterioration of their image as employers, especially in eyes of the younger generation, which in the near future will become the most attractive category for employment in modern business. The main criteria that guide the younger generation when choosing a future job are identified. A detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the bank as an employer has been carried out, and advices for the image improvement has been formulated, aimed at young audiences of potential bank employees. It was proved that the bank should build not only an effective PR campaign to create a powerful image of a reliable employer, but at the same time bank should establish a reliable system to counteract unfair competition, ultimately aimed at destabilizing the financial institution, which is most sensitive to image problems. In 2016-17, there is a turning point in the negative trend of development and the number of Bank’s employees is growing dynamically, but the costs associated with personnel are not deprived of such dynamism, at the same time, the costs of recruitment, training and labor protection are proportional to the overall dynamics, which, as noted above, is determined by the inflationary component and crisis effects. The SWOT analysis had been conducted to were built for the internal functions of corporate culture from some popular Internet sources related to this issue, based on which the probability of introducing the concept of using a strong corporate culture as a practical tool for harmonizing strategic development of an organization was assessed. The general conclusion drawn from the comparison of opportunities and strengths is as follows: the bank undoubtedly has a sufficiently wide set of strengths that can be used to attract focus group representatives. There are obvious directions for using strengths to realize opportunities, as a rule, do not require additional resources. The general conclusion drawn on the basis of a comparison of opportunities and weaknesses is the following: the weaknesses that block the rapid progress towards the goal are, but their influence can be offset rather quickly and efficiently through the use of intangible components of the bank’s internal capacity.While maintaining a corporate culture being the basis for creating an image of the bank as an employer, care should be taken to choose the priority channel of perception in order to bring attractive moments of employment in the bank to the target audience. However, the formation of a positive image of the employer is an urgent task for most banks operating on the territory of Ukraine.uk_UA
dc.publisherУніверситет імені Альфреда Нобеляuk_UA
dc.relation.ispartofseries"Академічний огляд", 2019, № 1 (50);-
dc.subjectcorporate culture, employer image, value system, generation theory, generation Z, social capital, management style, job enlargement, job enrichment, “city of the sun” conceptuk_UA
dc.titleПокращання іміджу банку як роботодавця на основі розвитку корпоративної культуриuk_UA
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