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dc.contributor.authorТарнопольський, Олег Борисович-
dc.description.abstractIn the conditions of today‟s expansion of English as the global language of international communication, more and more adults who earlier completed their secondary or even higher education start learning it anew at commercial language schools and centers the world over. However, the pedagogy and methodology of teaching and learning at such schools and centers have not been developed yet. The present article is an attempt of solving some theoretical and practical issues of organizing such teaching and learning using as an example a pre-intermediate level course of English developed by the author for his commercial language center in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine. The way of teaching and learning suggested in the article was developed to meet learners‟ expectations and, at the same time, to be in full accordance with the latest achievements in organizing adult students‟ efficient language acquisition. The developed approach was called the communicative-analytic one since, on the one hand, it makes use of the best in communicative language learning for attainment of the final goal of language education for adults – developing their English communicative competence. On the other hand, the communicative approach is combined with learners‟ analysis, practicing, and consciousness-raising as to separate language forms that students believe to be indispensable for language acquisition. The fundamental feature of the course is the combination in the learning process of the developed communicative-analytic approach with the highest level of communicative language teaching – the experiential approach used for achieving the optimum learning outcomes in communicative skills acquisition. The paper discusses the learning activities characterizing bothapproaches and gives practical examples of such activities. The developed course is structured so as to teach both written and oral communication in English in parallel and in an integrated manner, and instances of such teaching are also given.uk_UA
dc.subjectLearning English at the Pre-Intermediate Level; Teaching English to Adults at Commercial Language Schools and Centers; Communicative-Analytic Approach; Experiential Approach; Parallel Teaching of Written and Oral Communicationuk_UA
dc.titleCombining Communicative-Analytic and Experiential Approaches in Teaching Pre-Intermediate Level of General English to Adults at Commercial Language Schools and Centersuk_UA
Розташовується у зібраннях:Кафедра прикладної лінгвістики та методики навчання іноземних мов

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