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dc.contributor.authorТарнопольський, Олег Борисович-
dc.description.abstractThis article notes that one constraint to learning business English in Eastern Europe, particularly in the Ukraine, is the lack of adequate and culturally-relevant textbooks and other teaching materials. It suggests that the best solution would be to write a new textbook that combines the latest achievements of the western world with cultural realities of the Ukraine. It describes the development of such a textbook, Business Projects, that includes all of these features and is communication-oriented, task-based, and content-based. The book's six design features include the following: use of continuous simulation (modeling and enacting of business activities and communication in class); promotion of student autonomy in learning business English; use of student project activities; use of the integrated-skill approach; use of cooperative learning; and introduction of a fictitious setting (in which textbook materials are connected to an imaginary country where imaginary businesses operate). Evaluation of the effectiveness of this textbook compared to that of a traditional western textbook indicated that it had significant advantages over typical western textbooks in developing learners' communication skills and enhancing students' positive learning motivation. Results showed that using the textbook significantly accelerated the development of learner's business English communication skills.uk_UA
dc.titlePlaying Business in the Classroom: Designing a New Type of Business English Coursebook.uk_UA
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