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dc.contributor.authorNikolsky, Valery Evgenevich-
dc.contributor.authorOliynyk, Olga-
dc.contributor.authorVed, Victor-
dc.contributor.authorPugach, Andrii-
dc.contributor.authorTurluev, Ramzan-
dc.contributor.authorAkieksandrov, Oleksandr-
dc.contributor.authorKosarev, Viacheslav-
dc.identifier.issnІSSN(p) 1729-3774-
dc.description.abstractThe experimental studies of the influence of the degree of masonry development (geometry) and aerodynamics of the combustion chambers (circuits of combustion products removal) on the energy-technological indicators of the processes in the system gas-solid (in combustion chambers) were carried out. The experimental research into the influence of geometry and aerodynamics of the combustion chamber on the energy-technological indicators in the system gas – solid body was conducted at the industrial large-scale fire bench. It was shown that a decrease in the height of the working space of the combustion chamber, equipped with flat flame burners, affects the use of fuel due to heat exchange intensification, including direct convection. The dependence is caused by a decrease in heat losses with flue gases and due to a decrease in losses through the masonry. It was established that at the height of the working space of 800÷1,000 mm of the combustion furnace, fuel consumption decreases by 20÷30 %. The design of the combustion space of the furnace of continuous operation mode was developed. The distinctive feature of the furnace of the developed design is the elimination of discreteness and implementation of the stable continuous operation mode of the heating unit. The longitudinal channels were made on the lateral surfaces of the cars and the furnace along the entire length of the latter, which makes it possible to implement the continuous removal of combustion products from the combustion space through canalized hearth of the cars into the longitudinal lateral channels, made in the walls of the furnace. Additional aerodynamic compaction of the working space of the furnace is ensured at any speed of the motion of the cars. It was found that energy-technological efficiency at the arch heating of the combustion units with flat flame burners and combustion products removal under the workpiece (lower smoke removal) is on average by 1.3 times higher than at use of the circuit of products removal above the workpiece (lateral smoke removal), which is used in currently operating furnaces. The design was developed and the tunnel furnace was put into operation. It was for chemical and thermal treatment of metallic and non-metallic materials and products during their heating by the assigned schedule.uk_UA
dc.publisherEasten-European Jornal of Enterprise Technologiesuk_UA
dc.relation.ispartofseriesVol. 5, No 8(95).-P. 58-64;-
dc.subjectcombustion chamber; aerodynamics; flat flame burner; tunnel furnace; temperature of combustion productsuk_UA
dc.titleInvestigation the impact of the constructiv features of the chimney chambers of energy technological apparatus on the efficiency of workuk_UA
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