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dc.contributor.authorВакулич, Марія Михайлівна-
dc.identifier.citationUnder conditions of globalization, the economic development of any country is closely linked to increasing its investment attractiveness for foreign investors. When making an investment decision about the production location in one or another country, a foreign investor assesses its potential investment market first. The definition of investment attractiveness of the country refers to the number of complex tasks, which are based on different approaches. An important factor in attracting international investment is the country's image in the international arena, its position in the leading rating ranking, the experience of other investors doing business in the country and so on. The growth of foreign investments leads to increasing the level of economic development of the country-recipient, therefore, for investments revival in Ukraine it is necessary to review all internal and external factors, which form, in the aggregate, investment environment of the country and directly or indirectly affect the willingness of foreign investors to invest their capital in it.uk_UA
dc.identifier.otherdoi: 10.11648/j.jfa.s.20140201.15-
dc.descriptionTo improve the methodological provisions for the management of investment climate in the national economy have created a comprehensive factor model of monitoring the investment climate in Ukraine's economy (based on the assessment of the management factors of the investment climate and provides his assessment scale (favorable, favorable with moderate risk, high risk, adverse), which allows for comprehensive monitoring of the investment climate to promptly respond and anticipate potential threats and risks when making management decisions regarding the investment climate at the macro, meso- and micro levels. The results of the research suggest about the practical value of the results and the possibility of their implementation in the current activity.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractMethodical approaches to the investment climate assessment, which are used by leading national agencies and international organizations for ranking countries have been considered in this article, the need for indexes analysis of Ukrainian investment climate in order to identify the further ways of institutional environment improvement for attracting foreign investments improving the efficiency of the control system of the Ukraine's economy investment climate has also been identified. Monitoring of Ukraine's economy investment climate, presented by factor model, has been proposed. Implementation of monitoring systems will help to ensure the comprehensive nature of its functioning in Ukraine's economy.uk_UA
dc.publisherJournal of Finance and Accounting, USAuk_UA
dc.relation.ispartofseriesFinance and Accounting;№ 1 (2)-
dc.subjectInvestment Climate, Monitoring, Investment Positionuk_UA
dc.titleFactor model of investment climate monitoring in chaotically structured economyuk_UA
dc.title.alternativeFactor model of investment climate monitoring in chaotically structured economyuk_UA
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