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dc.contributor.authorSukhenko, I.M.-
dc.descriptionIn Ukrainian culture tradition this archetype is a milestone of the collective unconsciousness of the Ukrainian people as well as a source of shaping new images which makes this “female” motive as a central one in the Ukrainian literature. In the Chornobyl narrative Madonna, the Mother of God is represented as a multifaceted image of a Slavic woman, which combines several female reincarnations which allows the integrated image of Madonna to split into some components in the historical and social perspectives. Appealing to the biblical character – Madonna, the Mother of God – within the Ukrainian nuclear narrative allows distinguishing the local/global dimensions of writing practices in the context of studying the correlations between human beings’ activity within “Atom for Peace” initiative and the tools of shaping “nuclear identity” within the ecocritical vision to ecological memory and ecological consciousness formation under the global/national/regional social needs in the post-trauma societies.uk_UA
dc.description.abstractThe explosion at Chornobyl nuclear power plant (26 April, 1986) in the literary perspective not only launched a new significant epoch of the Ukrainian nuclear discourse but also reconsidered the archetypes within the Ukrainian nuclear narrative. The transformations of Madonna’s image in the Chornobyl literary responses to the disaster are under study here in the “provincializing” ecocritical aspects of researching “nuclear narrative” within nuclear environmental humanities.uk_UA
dc.publisherУніверситет імені Альфреда Нобеляuk_UA
dc.subjectChornobyl, Madonna, nuclear narrative, Chornobyl fiction, ecocritical studies.uk_UA
dc.titleOn the “female” motive in the Ukrainian post-Chornobyl «nuclear» fiction: the ecocritical perspective on the myth.uk_UA
Розташовується у зібраннях:Вісник Університету імені Альфреда Нобеля. ​Серія «Філологічні науки»

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