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Назва: Approach to research-teaching nexus in undergraduate education.
Автори: Avsiukevich, Y.S.
Ключові слова: кresearch-teaching nexus, research-led education, research-intensive environment, undergraduate programmes.
Дата публікації: 2017
Видавництво: Університет імені Альфреда Нобеля
Серія/номер: 2;(14)
Короткий огляд (реферат): This paper reports on the question of relationship of research to teaching and learning seeking to gain a clearer and deeper understanding of the main concepts within research-teaching nexus and their application in undergraduate education. The literature review conducted has been the basis for clarifying the terms in existing classification of teaching models focused on research such as research-led, researchoriented, research-based, research-tutored and research-informed education; and for suggesting a modification to it by introducing a conceptualizing root for the classification tree. In the result of careful investigation of current research, the author makes an attempt to model an approach to education in research-intensive environment that focuses on the development of students’ research culture, problem solving skills, independence of thinking and learning, intellectual capabilities and critical thinking skills. Having identified the goals and principles of learning in research-intensive environment, the ways to support such education have been introduced. The article points to the value and possibilities for further research in the area.
Опис: Problem statement. New values and requirements placed by employers in a competitive international entrepreneurial environment account for increasing demand in graduates who are able to work in cross-disciplinary collaborative environment, switch the tasks easily, solve problems, find effective solutions, think critically and independently and to seek information out as opposed to being simply knowledgeable in the area as evidenced by international employer recruitment surveys [21] and reports [8; 27]. These global drivers initiated the reforms to the UK [19; 28] and European Union [9, 29] higher education focusing on educational quality enhancement with research and innovation as leading forces to promulgate excellence and sustain the countries intellectual and creative capital. In Ukraine, this aim has also been reflected in the strategic objectives set by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for the higher education sector and The Law on Higher Education of Ukraine which is underpinned by a democratic and pro-European agenda [35]. As a response to these governments’ intentions and initiatives, the purpose of university education is being reconceptualised with a main focus on creation of a research-intensive educational environment as a central strategy of an institution in order to equip students for innovation and problem solving in professional contexts [1; 3, 11; 30]. However, since this shift in focus is relatively new, there exists a need to develop and test innovative teaching methods and practical ways to actively engage students in their learning in research-intensive environment. Moreover, although there is a substantial amount of publications on linkage between education and research within a higher education setting, there is still much ambiguity in the definitions relating to research-teaching nexus which heightens the need to clearly articulate the terminology used.
URI (Уніфікований ідентифікатор ресурсу): http://ir.duan.edu.ua/handle/123456789/2853
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