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Назва: Evaluation of the communicative competence level of masters in the field of foreign economic activity and methods of its development.
Автори: Pavlenko, O.O.
Triakina, O.O.
Timchenko-Mikhailidi, N.S.
Pugach, V.B.
Ключові слова: communicative competence, masters in the field of foreign economic activities, professionallyoriented foreign language communicative competence, training methods, evaluation, analysis.
Дата публікації: 2017
Видавництво: Університет імені Альфреда Нобеля
Серія/номер: 2;(14)
Короткий огляд (реферат): The research paper concerns the issue of the communicative competence level of masters in the field of foreign economic activity as a key skill to face challenges of contemporary conditions of the global market. The authors have made an assessment of both the general communicative competence and professionally-oriented foreign language communicative competence level of development. The findings of this analysis have revealed a low level of mastery of communicative means by respondents as well as mainly a minimum level of proficiency in professionally-oriented foreign language communication skills. Based on the study made, the authors have proposed various methods to develop and increase the level of the communicative competence of the masters in the field of foreign economic activity, which included different interactive training methods such as discussions, disputes, «brain storming», training in cooperation, business and situation-role games, case studies and others both in Ukrainian and English.
Опис: The training of a professional in the field of foreign economic activity takes place throughout the entire period of his study at university, but particularly master’s programs, which include the largest concentration of professional disciplines, provide the opportunity to acquire not only theoretical and practical knowledge of the chosen specialty but also create readiness for professional activities, which are very diverse in nature. The successful fulfillment of professional tasks is impossible today without knowledge and skills in the field of international processes and trends being guided by international treaties and conventions, which have a huge impact on the activity of the Ukrainian market in view of its integration into the global trading space. Therefore, the creation of professional competences, especially a communicative one, which facilitates the establishment and development of trade relations and more effective activity of both state and private enterprises in the foreign economic field, plays a significant role in this process and, as the analysis of international practice shows, becomes possible only through the application of effective training methods and technologies.
URI (Уніфікований ідентифікатор ресурсу): http://ir.duan.edu.ua/handle/123456789/2866
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