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dc.contributor.authorКлючник, Руслан Максимович-
dc.descriptionKliuchnyk, R. (2019). Natural and socio-cultural factors in country image formation. Journal of Modern Economic Research, 1(3), 17-28. Retrieved from https://www.denakyrpublishing.science/index.php/jmer/article/view/14uk_UA
dc.description.abstractPositive image can improve international perception of the country and facilitate foreign investment. Сountry image formation factors include geographic location, natural resources, historical sites, art, sports, ethno­confessional peculiarities,psychological set of people, political peculiarities etc. Economic components include GDP, main items of export, HDI (Human Development Index) and others. This article is mainly focused on non­economic factors that can influence the rise of a country's popularity for investors. Special events, celebrations as well as natural phenomena are also considered as such factors. Combination of natural landmarks, historical heritage and high level of service ensure the rise of tourism as it has been shown using the example of Latvia. A special attention has been paid to the Olympic Games. The article contains an analysis of their expenses and benefits for the host country. The examples of Great Britain, Russia, France, Ukraine and other countries have been analyzed. Quantitative measurement of non-­economic factors can not always be considered but image benefits for a certain country can be seen by billions of people all over the worlduk_UA
dc.subjectcountry imageuk_UA
dc.subjectimage formationuk_UA
dc.subjectOlympic Gamesuk_UA
dc.titleNatural and socio-cultural factors in country image formationuk_UA
Розташовується у зібраннях:Кафедра політології та міжнародних відносин

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14-Article Text-44-2-10-20200201.pdfKliuchnyk, R. (2019). Natural and socio-cultural factors in country image formation. Journal of Modern Economic Research, 1(3), 17-28. Retrieved from https://www.denakyrpublishing.science/index.php/jmer/article/view/14353.42 kBAdobe PDFПереглянути/Відкрити

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