Adaptation of the international experience of e-commerce development to the conditions of Ukraine





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This thesis examines and researches the field of e-commerce with a special emphasis on how global practices can be applied to the specific circumstances of Ukraine. The introductory section sets out the importance of this study in the context of today's global economy. It provides a strong theoretical and methodological framework by examining the nature, evolution and impact of e-commerce. In addition, this chapter analyzes the international growth of e-commerce in developed economies. The second section analyzes the state of e-commerce in Ukraine over the past few years. The possibilities of applying international experience in Ukraine, including cultural, economic and regulatory parameters, are critically assessed. That is, the section explains the current obstacles and predicts potential prospects for the development of e-commerce in Ukraine. The final chapter provides an analysis of the changing state of e-commerce during wartime, changing trends, methods and the changing demands of online consumers in challenging circumstances. Practical recommendations are provided for the implementation of the obtained results to promote the development of e-commerce in Ukraine. Based on these data, a model was proposed and forecast-calculations were made to increase the profit of the online company "COSMIC" by implementing one of the international practices.


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e-commerce, online sales, digital economy, economic development, optimization, social networks, Ukraine, experience of international companies

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