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dc.contributor.authorЛебідь, Ольга Валеріївна-
dc.contributor.authorВолкова, Наталія Павлівна-
dc.contributor.authorВерченко, Лідія-
dc.contributor.authorБідненко, Наталія-
dc.contributor.authorЗірка, Віра Василівна-
dc.description.abstractThe article identifies one of the components of professional competence, social and communicative competence – the quality of a trainers of higher education, which is defined as complex integrative professionalpersonal formation, which determines the electiveness of interpersonal and professional interaction, allows a specialist to orient in any professional and social situation, to evaluate it adequately, to make the right decisions and achieve set goals and provides a pedagogue with personal comfort, professional electiveness and social demand in all spheres of life. The following structural components of socio-communicative competence of higher education establishment teachers are identified: motivation-valuable, cognitive, operational-active, personal, as well as a set of criteria and their indicators: motivational (presence of motivation to achieve, determination to interact, necessity in communication, self-actualization); cognitive (completeness and strength of assimilation of socio-communicative knowledge); active the level of mastery of skills (speech, nonverbal, interactive, social, information and communication); personal (social intellect, ability to empathize and reflexivity), which correlate with specified components of socio-communicative competence of higher education establishment trainers. The dissertation defined the levels of development of investigated competence (low, acceptable and high) and revealed their content. Despite the variety of solutions for its development, the higher education system needs to find new ways in this direction. The complex of education-methodological materials for HEE trainers were developed in regard to the development of the future trainers of higher education establishment in the process of Master’s degree acquiring, which contains the bank of theoretical and practical lessons, educational cases, projects, exercises, trainings, role and business games; selected and adapted package of diagnostic materials for defining the level of development of socio-communicative competence of future trainers of HEE; and developed the special course program, “Socio-communicative competence of a trainer of higher education establishment”. The article presents the results of an experimental study of the level of formation of social and communicative competence of trainers of higher education establishment.uk_UA
dc.publisherKryvyi Rih, Ukraineuk_UA
dc.titleThe development of socio-communicative competence of future trainers of higher education establishments in the course of master’s degree acquiringuk_UA
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