Modeling of Labor Potential as a Factor of Influence on the Region Competitiveness




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Montenegrin Journal of Economics


The main idea article substantiates that the decisions made in the region's competitiveness should be interrelated with the state of the labor force and the prospective balance of the labor force distribution by sectors, spheres of employment and the territory of the country. The purpose of the research is to substantiate the construction and application of a comprehensive balance model based on the development of intersectoral and interproduct balances of labor costs and the use of labor resources. Methods used in the study: – the statistical method is used for the analysis of the main indicators of labor and the use of labor resources, – the method of modeling – for the development of intersectoral and inter-product balance of labor costs and the use of labor resources. Approaches to the management of people in the field of production, both at the micro level of the organization, and at the macro level of the entire labor market in general have been investigated. The necessity of search for complex methods of management of labor resources with the purpose of fullest realization of their potential has been indicated. The balance model of the efficiency of employment of the labor potential of the region is proposed for the hypothesis of making managerial decisions regarding the forecasting of its use. Intersectoral and interproduct balance sheets of labor costs and labor resources use in the five major industries of Dnipropetrovsk region have been developed. Scientific novelty of the received results is to clarify the methodical approach to using the balance method for the analysis of labor indicators for the purpose of making decisions in the area of competitiveness of the region. Scientific and practical value of received results is the possibility of their use in the future research, connected with the method of using balance method in management of labor resources; during the conduction of analytical work related to the accounting and analysis of labor indicators at the enterprise, in particular, at finding reserves for reducing labor costs.


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Competitiveness, labor resources, balance model, region

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