Management of the Process of E-Commerce Development in Business on the Example of the European Union




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Estudios de Economia Aplicada (Studies of Applied Economics), Vol. 39, No 5, 2021


E-commerce is one of the fastest and most effective ways to trade in e-space. The leading role in the development of the digital economy and e-commerce belongs to the EU countries that use e-commerce to achieve the goals of sustainable development. The main target of e-commerce companies is to ensure the flexibility and adaptability of the e-commerce development management system. Purpose: to research of the state and prospects of e-commerce development in the EU countries, as well as the content and components of e-commerce development process management. Methods: systematization, generalization, comparative analysis, correlation analysis to build a correlation matrix. Results. The state of e-commerce in the EU countries is studied (according to the following indicators: the share of e-commerce in the total retail sales of individual EU countries, the share of the population shopping online, turnover from e-commerce in small businesses in the EU, etc.). A correlation analysis of the main indicators used to assess the market of electronic trade in the EU, the results of which proved that there is a direct relationship between the dynamics of these indicators and the dynamics of operating profits of enterprises in the EU.


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Internet, customer, goods, enterprise

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