Trends in Digital Marketing in the Context of Information Society Development.




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Postmodern Openings


This article examines the trends of digital marketing in the context of information society development. Under the influence of informatization of society, the spread of innovative development of the economic environment are transformed all its components, including changing approaches to marketing, which uses more and more digital opportunities to increase its efficiency. In society, specific relationships are formed associated with the search, receipt, transmission, production and dissemination of information using information technology. Under the influence of informatization of society, the contemporary consumer and his requirements are changing, which is reflected in marketing activities. The reaction to the growing role of social networks and communities in consumer buying behavior was the formation of crowd marketing. Digital marketing is a contemporary tool for promoting a product, brand or brand through digital channels, and also uses a number of techniques that allow you to reach your target audience even in an offline environment. Digital marketing means that consumers, customers or society at large can access any information they need. Today, digital marketing is becoming an increasingly important tool for promoting almost any type of product compared to traditional marketing.



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Globalization, informatization, information and communication technologies, Internet, marketing strategies, contemporary consumer, social networks.

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Postmodern Openings, 2022, 13(2), 448-460.