Using cluster analysis to assess financial stability as an object of manageriaimpact of regional competitive immunity




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The main aspect in the study of the financial stability of the local budgets of the regions as a component of the competitive immunity of the region is the search for criteria and the development of a methodology for assessing efficiency. In accordance with the accepted concept of competitive immunity, three problem-area blocks have been highlighted as a means of its evaluation: informational and digital approach; information and digital technologies; value and reputational management, which include the objects of managerial influence considered for the assessment of bringing competitive immunity to sustainable functioning. The paper examines and classifies the regions of Ukraine according to the financial stability of the local budget into three groups: regions with high financial stability, regions with medium financial stability, and regions with low financial stability. The authors undertook an applied study to assess the financial stability of the budget as an object of managerial influence at the local level. The study was conducted on the basis of the local budget indicators of all regions of Ukraine for 2018-2020. The calculation of the selected indicators was carried out on the basis of statistical data on the implementation of local budgets, reports and decisions of regional councils on the regional budget. The suggested methodological approach is the basis for assessing the budget policy and financial stability of the region as an object of the managerial influence of competitive immunity. The distribution of the original data set across clusters in the study was carried out using the business analytical platform Deductor and clustering algorithms such as the k-means and Kohonen maps. It has been established that Kohonen maps and k-means based on the Deductor business analytics platform can be used to cluster Ukrainian regions based on indicators of financial stability. The interpretation of the findings with the help of a comprehensive analysis of financial stability based on local budget data allows not only to analyze the obtained values and give a predictive assessment, but also to justify the chosen strategy for strengthening the competitive immunity of the studied region.


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І. Strelchenko, J. Koczar, V. Pysarkova. Using cluster analysis to assess financial stability as an object of manageriaimpact of regional competitive immunity. Academy Review. 2022. №2(57). p. 111-124. http://DOI: 10.32342/2074-5354-2022-2-57-9