Methodological Approach to Labor Potential Assessment Based On the Use of Fuzzy Sets Theory




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Науковий вісник НГУ No. 6, 2019. С. 144-149


Purpose. Substantiation of the methodological approach to the labor potential assessment of industrial enterprises on the basis of the fuzzy logic apparatus application in order to identify problems of using labor potential and provide relevant recommendations for their solution. Methodology. The methodological ground of the research is the classic position and the fundamental works of foreign and domestic scholars, statistics, the results of authors’ research on the problems of enterprise labor potential assessment. Methods of fuzzy sets theory, comparative analysis of abstraction, and generalization of scientific experience of modern theoretical research studies, systematic and comprehensive approach have been applied in the study. Findings. A methodological approach to enterprise labor potential assessment was proposed, numerous experiments on the basis of the international vertically integrated company Interpipe were conducted. The analysis of the results of the enterprise labor potential assessment made it possible to determine the problems of labor potential utilization at industrial enterprises. Originality. The methodological approach to the assessment of the enterprise labor potential utilization on the basis of the fuzzy logic apparatus is improved, which, unlike existing ones, allows integrating both qualitative and quantitative indicators in assessing the labor potential and the movement indicators, significantly improving the efficiency of decision­making under uncertainty and reducing costs upon occurrence of adverse situations. Practical value. The use of a methodological approach to enterprise labor potential assessment on the basis of the fuzzy logic apparatus makes it possible to analyze the labor potential as a multi­elemental object that is closely related to the structured functioning of the enterprise and its capabilities; it provides more accurate assessment of labor potential and informed decision making to increase the level of its use


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labor potential, enterprise, fuzzy sets theory, assessment, methodological approach

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